Wet Yards

Wet Soggy Yards


If you have an area in the yard that stays wet for more than a day or two after it rains, its likely being fed by a spring or some other form of ground water. You may be tempted to cover the area with top soil. Don’t, you will turn a wet area into a muddy area every time. You may need a French Drain System installed.


French Drain System
Pre Fabricated French Drain System



A French Drain when installed properly will dry the wet soil out like a wick. Sometimes these soggy areas are accompanied with heavy runoff from neighbors yards etc. when it rains. A French Drain is not designed to handle heavy runoff, so in these situations we design a system that can handle both ground water and runoff.


Custom Drainage Systems installs several types of French Drains. We do a thorough examination of the wet yard and surrounding areas to help understanding what type of water problem and how much were dealing with. With this information and over 25 years of experience we are able to designing and install a practical drainage system that will solve the problem.


Erosion and Heavy Storm Water Runoff


Homeowners have told me that they cant grow grass in an area due to erosion. The fact is; they have erosion because they cant grow grass due to the shade from their tree. The experts at Custom Drainage Systems understand soil types, horticulture, hydrology and how to fix erosion problems. We also know how to calculate the volume of water expected from your neighbors property during a 5, 10 and 25 year storm. We work with the Northern Virginia areas of Fairfax County, Loudon County, and Arlington County when tying into storm drains or discharging the runoff off your property.